The Sacred Whore Demos - signed & numbered limited edition CD

© 2009 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR 9 - CD)
For the first time, my previously released albums represent all the older songs I ever wanted to record. These demos represent 8 of the new songs, in me-and-the-piano 1- or 2- take form. They are a signed & numbered limited edition of 300, a preview of the forthcoming album, which you can only get by donating funds to the making of the studio album, Sacred Whore. I am currently working on a vinyl(!!!) ep of 4 more demos for this album, planning a third pre-album release, and planning the making of the actual full-length album.

Ravengirl - CD

© 2006 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR 8 - CD)
Kristi Martel's former life partner, Amy Caroline "Littlebird" Nuara, died by suicide in August 2003. Although she could not write new songs for 11 months, Kristi began a list of song ideas that she knew would later become Ravengirl. She kept noticing that she still felt joy every day, in spite of the huge and traumatic loss and grief she also experienced. She noted it, counted the blessing, and came up with the goofy joke version that she must be some kind of superhero to still be able to experience joy. Her superhero name is Ravengirl. And the album, with its 7 tracks written before Littlebird's death and its 8 tracks written after, with its Yamaha grand piano, Hammond B3 organ, Rhodes keyboard, cello, 5-string fretless & upright bass, Afro Cuban & West African percussion, drums, and layered vocals, will break open your heart to feel your pain only to remind you that that is where you'll heal and find your joy. Kristi composed, arranged, and produced the whole album, and she performed all the piano, keyboard, and vocal work. Ravengirl is 15 tracks of beauty and power and healing. It's soulful, polyrhythmic, danceable, haunting, delightful, expansive... It's avant soul. It's alternative rock. It's acoustic explosive gorgeous music. You need it. (See the Bay Windows interview & the Providence Phoenix review) $15

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